How To Make Sure The Network Speed ​​You Are Paying ForIn a world where consumer rights are so important it seems strange that internet companies can constantly offer ‘up
to’ speeds or not, delivering the speed you pay for. In this article, we’ll take a look at the steps you can take to make sure the speed you are getting are the speeds you should be getting.

There are a number of ways we can address this problem and they should all be in order after that. In the end, you should have a good idea about how to fix possible problems.

Find your current speed and the advertised speeds
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First, you need to make sure that you are not actually being offered the speed that you think you are. You can send an email, letter, or contract that states your minimum speed, estimated speeds, or ‘up to’ speeds. Whatever you are getting at, it is important to find so that you fully understand what speed you are supposed to be.
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If you’re not sure, a quick phone call to your internet service provider can often bring you the information you’re looking for. Once you know, make sure that you are not getting confused with the numbers.
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Internet providers often advertise their speeds in Mbps, not MB / s. mbps stands for megabits and MB / s stands for megabytes. Confusing? Well, remember, like this – Mbps – is often in lower case and it’s the smaller number. MB is the larger number.

MB is eight times larger than the mbps. This means if you’re doing a speed test and you’re getting eight times slower than you think you should, you’re not getting messed up. Read our in-depth article to understand data transfer rates properly.
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Speaking of speed tests, now that you have the advertised speed on hand, it’s time to do a speed test, but fair.
For this, you’ll need an ethernet cable and connect directly to a laptop or computer.

Once connected, visit and take a test . It is important that you use an ethernet cable because wireless internet speeds are never that high because of walls, furniture, or other issues that can cause the deterioration of the quality of the signal. An ethernet cable is as close as it gets to your real speeds.

Also, be sure to read our articles on several factors that could be causing your test results to be inaccurate. Once you know the results are good, keep reading.
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If you get the speed at which you are advertised, problem solved! It’s time to look for better wireless connectivity, or connect your PC to an ethernet cable. There are many options for helping to boost your wireless signal even at home.

You could use a WiFi repeater to extend the signal or use a powerline adapter to run your WiFi signal through the cable running through your house. Ultimately, you’ll always get speeds slightly slower than what you’d get if using an ethernet cable, even with extra hardware.

Wenn Sie nicht bekommen, die Geschwindigkeit, die Sie wurden angekündigt, gibt es einige Methoden, die Sie verwenden können, um zu versuchen, um die Dinge in einem besseren
Form. Das erste, was zu tun ist, betrachten Sie Ihre router, vor allem, wenn es alt ist
oder sitzt auf einer Fläche, die heiß wird. Zum Beispiel in der Nähe eines Heizkörpers. In diesem Fall
sollten Sie Ihren router in eine bessere position, oder kaufen Sie eine neuere router
das kann ein effizienteres design.
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Next we refer to the manual of the router or to your ISP to ask if you have properly plugged your router into the socket. Sometimes, you need different outlets you may need to use a different filter. For example, a jack for the internet and a phone line may require that you set it up in a certain way.
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Usually, it’s best to connect a microfilter to your master socket, then the router to the microfilter. No additional adapters or extension cables should be used; this can affect network speeds.

Lastly, make sure that you are testing the network speed with as few connected devices as possible. To do this, visit your web-based setup page for your router. Usually Or 191.168.xx. You can often find the login details on the back of the router.

After you log in, look for home network, my network devices, or something similar. Returning a list of devices connected to your network. You have to manually disconnect this from your network.

Once disconnected, try a speed test again. You may find it is faster now that you have your network free of any devices downloading or background uploading.

Problems You Can’t Account For

If you still aren’t getting the speed you should be, you can contact your ISP. However, you should first check out some problems that are out of your control. For example, your distance from you from your ISP. This can affect your speed and can mean that your speeds are slightly slower than others in your community or city.

Network congestion can be a big deal.
You may notice slower speed during peak hours due to more users connecting at
once. Your internet service provider can also have rules about throttling
certain network behavior, like uploading files over a peer-to-peer network.
Contact your ISP for more information.

Contact your ISP

Sometimes, after making sure everything is as it should, you still don’t get anywhere near the speeds for which you are paying for. At this point, it’s time to contact your ISP.

While you are under no obligation to improve your speed, you will often do what you can to help when you notice that there is a problem. The rules may be different between countries and providers, but usually an ISP can check to see if there are any bugs in your area.

By examining everything else in this guide
first, you will be armed with all of the questions a customer service rep can
throw your way. They have already tested the wireless network speeds, guaranteed
nothing until the bandwidth, and everything configured correctly.

You may have to jump through a lot of hoops while on the phone, but eventually you’ll check to see if everything really needs fixing. It may be completely out of your control, and in which case getting in touch may be the only thing you can do to get everything working again.
Sometimes there can be a fault in your home and in that case, you will most likely be charged for the repair, even if you didn’t cause the malfunction in the first place.

If the disorder is outside the home, the
provider can fix it for free. Unfortunately, there is still no hope.
The final solution may be to get a new provider, or maybe even consider


This guide brings that to an end. I hope this guide has been useful. Do you have any questions about the suggestions I have included? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can to help you.